This is a story about a change. It is a journey about  changes in life, occupation and geography. It is a step towards making.

Miné has been teaching design-oriented entrepreneurship, innovation, service-design in Industrial Design at undergraduate and graduate programs in universities for 20+ years.

In 2019, she moved to London with her son and founded MINOVA with an acceleration of her 20+year dream, which was designing and making objects by hand, at her own workshop. This dream was located most possibly in her living space, or in an additional building in the garden. Her desire is to create as if she is in a design-kitchen where she is joyfully and responsibly cooking designs. Having an outlet will show where her inspirations from daily life and culture have led her, and this can in turn inspire others. In other words, she wishes she could be a catalyst in life with her experiences, creative skills, and knowledge.

This is just a short version of her story, and the rest is layered under countless other coats. So, one day, when your paths meet, be sure to ask her for the rest of the stories.

As follows, The Design Journey Log of MINOVA will be shared here to view where the milestones in 2019 and 2020 can be read. It is coming soon...