We are preparing your new living space for you...

MINOVA provides design-service, which generate from the needs and realities of Living in London. If you are moving to London from another country, or city, or are moving within London, MINOVA is here to help you with your relocation process.  

If you have a limited time or a specific situation while you are moving, MINOVA provides professional help to prepare your new flat / house for you. With expertise in life and designing spaces, MINOVA covers all your needs on your behalf, such as, shopping, assembling furniture, cleaning, placing items, filling your refrigerator etc. This service starts the moment you sign the rent / sale contract with the real estate agency, up until the first night you stay in your new home. This includes even having a nice breakfast in the morning when you wake up at your new place. 

For the details of this service, please contact Miné.